Giulia Gubellini

I am the author of Under (Rizzoli, 2014) and the Cyberpunk Bologna saga:
The Mechanical Ogre (2013), Frammenti di una vita virtuale (2016).
I love reading, I love writing, I love cinema.
Favorite genres? Science fiction, horror, adventure.

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Giulia Gubellini
Cover The Mechanical Ogre

The Mechanical Ogre

The Mechanical Ogre is the translation of L’Orco Meccanico, a cyberpunk short story set in Bologna, Italy. L’Orco Meccanico came to the attention of the Italian publishing house Rizzoli, which in 2014 published my first novel, UnderRead an excerpt

The plot:

In Bologna, the future heart of railway communications on the Eurasian continent, a city continually changing, submerged in toxic fumes and light pollution, Amanda becomes involved in a series of brutal murders. Thanks to her gift for navigating the net, she is called upon by iRobots to solve the case. But why would the largest robot company in the world be interested in catching a murderer?

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Cover Under di Giulia Gubellini


Brancati Prize 2015 – category Young Writers

Italy, 2025. When Alice wakes up in a cell with a low ceiling and narrow walls, she jumps up on the bed, with her heart pounding in her chest. Then, when the metallic voice of a speaker commands her to go in the Common Room, she realizes that she is not alone: with her there are twelve other teens, the most dangerous inmates of the country. Read more…

Under The Series

Ivan Silvestrini, author of Monolith and the popular web serie Stuck – the Chronicles of David Rea, directed the filming of the Italian web series Under The Series, inspired by the namesake book. Cast: Gianmarco Tognazzi, Chiara Iezzi, Giorgio Colangeli,  Valentina Bellé, Jose Dammert.

From the series was made a film on DVD / Blu-ray.
Canal Plus wanted Under for international distribution by the end of 2016.

MS Vol. 1

My short story Sapientia was published in the Italian anthology Multiversum Stories Vol. 1, inspired by the Multiversum Saga by Leonardo Patrignani. Only on!

Materia Oscura

In 2017 I took part of the Italian anthology Materia Oscura (Odissea Digital Fantascienza), a selection of some of the best Italian women writers of science fiction, curated by Emanuela Valentini.


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