Under by Giulia Gubellini

Brancati Prize 2015 – category Young Writers

Italy, 2025. When Alice wakes up in a cell with a low ceiling and narrow walls, she jumps up on the bed, with her heart pounding in her chest. Then, when the metallic voice of a speaker commands her to go in the Common Room, she realizes that she is not alone: with her there are twelve other teens, the most dangerous inmates of the country. To Alice it is soon clear that there, even if you are sixteen, you have no right to be afraid or to fall in love. But even in the most terrible prison you can find out who you are and change the rules. Together the rebellion is possible, and the massacre game can turn into revolution…

Publisher: Rizzoli
Genre: science fiction, dystopia
Print Length: 320 pages
Language: Italian
Publication: June 2014

Available in Turkey for KitapSaati Yayınları (Under-Ölüm Oyunu, 2017)!

Under The Series

Director: Ivan Silvestrini
Cast: Gianmarco Tognazzi, Chiara Iezzi, Giorgio Colangeli, Valentina Bellé, Jose Dammert

More than 6 million views, 7 Prizes at the Rome Web Fest, the Silver Ribbon for the web 2015.
Canal Plus wanted Under for international distribution in Europe and South America.

Available on DVD / Blu-ray (Italian Edition)

Pattern Credits: Subtle grunge by Breezi.